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You can last longer in bed by learning to listen and control your body

Learn how to control premature ejaculation without any substances and last longer in bed pleasing your loved one!

It will last longer if you move only the hips

Many men lose control over their bodies when it comes to ejaculation during intercourse. Naturally, the reason is the total commitment to pleasure. When you feel you no longer have control over your penis and you feel like you are going to come, don’t panic. Most men get restless when they approach an orgasm and the feelings of disappointment, shame and awkwardness are present, which ruins the mood. At that moment, it is best to simply stop. Even if you see that you have arrived to the highest point of arousal before her, cool your thoughts and lower the level of your arousal. This is done by stopping for a moment during intercourse. Push the penis deep in her vagina, so that your pubic bone is touching her clitoris. Then, start moving only your hips in circular motions. This will decrease the level of your own arousal and increase hers because your pubic bone will pleasantly stimulate her clitoris. At the same time, she will feel the movement of your penis deep inside her. You can do this several times in succession.

Let your mind wander to delay ejaculation

If the aforementioned action won’t get your partner to an orgasm and you want to continue with intercourse, try to let your mind wander. So, start thinking about something else which will cool off your orgasm during intercourse. When you feel that feeling that indicates an orgasm again, take your mind away from the hot action for so long that the ticklish sensation in the penis disappears. When men let their minds wander, it often happens that an erection becomes weaker. So as not to let this happen, you must know how to control your mind so much that you keep the physical arousal despite being absentminded.

`Start and stop` technique for longer intercourse

The `start and stop` technique can be learned during masturbation. As the name says, this technique is about stopping during stimulation just before an orgasm. It can teach you to control your body during intercourse as well. Start by fondling your penis and really focus on this. Don’t think about premature ejaculation, but pay attention to the feeling in the penis. When it tells you you are nearing an ejaculation, stop moving your hand for 15 seconds. Watch what happens to your penis, the level of arousal and your whole body in the mean time. Relax your breathing and you will notice that the level of arousal has decreased slightly. When this happens, you can continue the stimulation, but stop again for about 15 seconds when you feel an orgasm is near. For a start, you can do this once, but then increase the number of stops each time you masturbate, until you reach number six. When you can stop six times during masturbation, you can do this exercise several times a week. Even though it seems boring and long-lasting, the results will be apparent in the intercourse with your partner. When you’re confident enough about your ability to know when you have to stop and start again, you can start doing it during intercourse as well. If an ejaculation should occur during masturbation, don’t try to stop it.

Masturbating before intercourse

You can also masturbate before intercourse to make it last longer. Give yourself an orgasm before having relations with your partner. So, intercourse will be “round two”, which will require more effort to reach an orgasm because you will be starting intercourse already slightly satisfied. During intercourse, you can also naturally use your fingers and tongue, which can replace the penis for a while if you feel you are too aroused to continue. When you feel your partner is nearing an orgasm, you can give her back your penis.