Katy Perry loves skipping

London: Katy Perry`s personal trainer Harley Pasternak has revealed that the star singer loves skipping as part of her 25-minute five-days-a-week workout.

"Katy loves jumping rope, so that`s what we do for cardio. It`s convenient, dance-like, expressive and efficient, time-wise," contactmusic.com quoted Pasternak as saying.

"It`s an intense workout that lasts 25 minutes. Working out more often for shorter periods is better than three times a week for longer," he said.

Harley has put Katy on a strict diet, where she eats five small meals a day, though once a week she can indulge in her favourite treats such as pizza and chocolate.

"She eats two meals and three snacks a day, consisting of healthy fats, lean protein, fibre and a non-sugar drink," Pasternak said.

"Her favourite meal from recipes I`ve created is French toast - slices of bread dipped in egg white, skimmed milk and a little sugar, grilled and topped with low-fat ricotta cheese and berries," he said.