‘Sleepaholic’ James Franco once dozed off while piloting plane!

Washington: ‘127 Hours star’ star James Franco is such a sleepaholic that he once snoozed while piloting a plane!

Franco was on a test flight from Las Vegas at 3am when he dozed off as he found flying at night ‘boring’.

“I get a weird reaction to that (story) because it’s kinda funny but then it’s like, ‘That’s really scary’,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

“Once you take off, flying is a little boring. I mean you’re just sitting there... It was night out; there’s nothing to see. I knew I was going, so fortunately my flight instructor was still there.

“It’s not really a hobby you wanna let go for too long. There are a lot of gadgets. I would have to read a little bit of the manual... Looking back, I can’t believe that I did do that, actually being in a plane, alone, coming down for a landing,” he added.

Franco hasn’t flown in three years despite earning a pilot’s license.