Write to shed flab, says study

Ladies, this is the "write" script if you want to shed the flab: Put pen to paper.

A new study by the University of Waterloo in Canada, published in the Psychological Science journal, has found that women who write down what matters most to them in life are more likely to lose

The research showed women who wrote about their core values lost more weight over months than women who did not.

Prof Christine Logel, the study`s co-author, said: "When something threatens your sense that you`re a good person, like failing a test or having a fight with a friend, we can buffer that self-integrity by reminding ourselves how much we love our children, for example."

For their study, researchers analysed some 45 largely overweight female undergraduates. Half were asked to write down their thoughts on their most important value. The other half were told to write about a less important issue.

Those who had written about an important value lost an average of 3.41 pounds, while the control group gained an average 2.76 pounds, the Daily Express reported.