'I love singing and composing, everything else is a by product'

Updated: Jul 28, 2010, 10:20 AM IST

Very few people are gifted with the talent of creating music. And if this rare talent combines with good singing capability and drop-dead gorgeous looks, then the person is surely superstar material.

Shibani Kashyap is one such rare talent. After performing at the first ever ‘web concert’ or ‘webcert’ as it is called, she is ready to charm the big screen with her acting talent.

In a free wheeling chat with Spicezee.com’s Sharique N Siddiquie, she talks about her ‘webcert’ experience, her upcoming projects and her acting debut.

Sharique: First of all, congratulations for being the first performer at a ‘web concert’. Tell us, what exactly is a ‘web concert’?

Shibani:Thanks! Yes, it was thrilling to be the very first artist to perform in a Web concert or what we call a "Webcert"

A webcert is like an "E" concert! A live performance on the web which is "webcast" absolutely live without any delay. So the artist performs before a camera in a controlled environment and people from every part of the world can "log in"" (tune in) and watch the performance. They can even send in live requests through the web.

This was an initiative of www.artistaloud.com, a digital portal which showcases the music of artists across genres, sounds, etc. I happen to have licensed two of my songs exclusively on this site ‘Na Jane Kya’ and ‘Bekarari’.

Sharique: How and why did you decide to perform at a ‘web concert’?

Shibani:When Artistaloud approached me to be a part of this phenomenon, I instantly said yes and especially so, because I was going to be the first artist to be part of this first ever web concert.

That can be risky as well, as it was the first ever so there could have been technical glitches but it went off really smoothly and successfully and we ended up having ten thousand five hundred people who logged in.

Now that’s a larger strength of people than most live concerts! That’s the reason why I decided to be a part of it. In just one concert, I reached across to thousands of people. I have a penchant for off beat things, things which are a challenge; and that was the other reason!!!

Sharique: How is performing at a ‘web concert’ different from a live concert?

Shibani:A ‘webcert’ is different from a typical live concert in many ways, yet there are certain similarities too. Sound and light are more controlled. I found myself singing at ease as if I were singing in a studio, without shouting and screaming into the microphone to be heard over the deafening noise of an actual loud audience!

Sharique: Your first ‘web concert’ is over now. When can we expect the next one?

Shibani:I am really keen to do my next ‘webcert’ soon! Maybe after two months or so!

Sharique: You started your career with singing for radio, and then went on to sing for movies. You have done private albums and also judged a reality show. What do you like doing the most?

Shibani:As a musician, I love singing, composing and performing live. Everything else is a by product! Judging a reality show was fun and I am looking forward to doing something soon along those lines, but I am actually focused on creating more and more music.

Sharique: What sort of music excites Shibani Kashyap?

Shibani:Music that gets me going is jazz, rock, the blues, sufi, and lounge! My favourite artists are Steely Dan, Sting, The Beatles, John Mayer, Michael Jackson, Sade, Norah Jones, Shania Twain, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parvin and Asha Bhonsle.

Sharique: Moving on, there were reports of you acting in ‘Main Osama’. Can you share the details?

Shibani:In ‘Main Osama’ I have composed two songs and have made a cameo appearance as myself. The film however is not complete yet.

As an actor, however, I am making my debut in Shrey Srivastava’s "Happy Hours".

Sharique: You are among the best looking singers. What took you so long to enter acting?

Shibani:Thanks for the compliment! But acting has never been a part of my agenda and plan. I am doing this one just to break the monotony!

Sharique: Tell us something about your future projects.

Shibani:I have recently sung for ‘Bhindi Bazar’ starring Kay Kay Menon and Deepti Naval. I also have a song in an animation feature film, ‘Ashoka The Hero’. This is the title track and what is exciting is that they have created an animated image of mine which will feature in the film and the song!

I have also recently sung for a crossover film called ‘Its Been Arranged’. The song is in French.

I am working on my next single which I am composing. It’s a song called ‘Betaabiyaan’. Alongside, I am working on the music of a film called ‘Love- Wrinkle Free’ and Rohit Roy’s production called ‘Love, Crime and Jack Daniel’.

I am also busy performing live all over the country and abroad too. I have signed a twenty city tour with Videocon to promote their new mobile network.