Know how to perform Krishna Janmashtami puja

Updated: Aug 25, 2016, 12:24 PM IST

Krishna rang me sab malang!

The flavour and colour of festivity is intoxicating one and all. Happiness in in the air. Smitten by zest and ear-to-ear smiles, everyone is on their toes and gearing up to get drenched in the colour of festivals.

While delicious Ghevar from Teej is still keeping our fridge overloaded and the henna on hands is still red from Rakhi, it's now time to swing in the fervour of Shri Krishna Janmashtmi.

The charming gardener that makes our soul blossom, Krishna brims the space and time with love during Janmashtmi which will be celebrated on September 5 this year. This Hindu festival is celebrated by all age groups across the country. The annual celebration of birth of the Hindu deity Krishna, marks the festival.

Any festivity in India, rests upon puja and observance of our culture. There are various ways in which puja is performed on this auspicious day. It differs from family-to-family, depending upon their roots. However, the essence remains the same.


Decorate your home with garlands and flowers. Even your kids can help you in decorations by hanging torans and making garlands. That is how our tradition and rituals pass on from one generation to the next. Play lovely bhajans of Lord Krishna so that the divine melodies resonate in your ears.


Bathe Radha-Krishna idols with five things—also known as ‘Panchamrit’ (milk, butter, ghee, honey and curd).

Adorn them with beautiful vibrant clothes, garlands, flute and the ever so pretty peacock feather (morpankh).

Apply some itra (fragrance) and seek their blessings.

Recite the Hare Krishna maha mantra (Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare).

Do it with tulsi beads mala or a simple one (as per your own belief).

Ornament Radha-Krishna with Mogra-Tulsi mala, you’ll see the beautiful glow on lala and yourself.

Apply chandan (sandalwood) on the idols and also on your forehead. This will surely calm your senses.

These practices make you feel much closer to the lord and it’s one-on-one exchange of prayers and energies.


A lot of people fast during the day, some eat fruits and some do not even take water (nirjal vrat).

Swinging in Krishna's radiance, bhajans, and positivity—people eagerly wait for midnight (the time when the Lord took his avatar on earth).

At 12 midnight Krishna is offered with various kinds of Prasad (panjiri, dhaniya, charan amrit, maakhan mishri and stacks of fruits). People end their fasts after Krishna mangal aarti at midnight.

However, Krishna, in Bhagavad Gita says: 'If you offer me a leaf, flower, fruit or water with love, I will accept it'.

The rituals and way people please their Lord differs because India is a diverse nation that under its warm wings includes many kinds of practices.

The principal avatar of Vishnu, Lord Krishna is the magnet of love and embodies love himself. The festival of sheer joy fills the atmosphere with gaiety and peace.

Chant 'Nand ke anand bhayo jai kanhaiya laal Ki', and experience how it fills you with positivity.

Take a dip in the ocean of his teachings and love. Nurture your soul in the manifestation of eternally blooming celestial space that exists within and out, blend it with spirituality and let divinity take over.

Hey Krishna Karuna Sindhu Deenbandhu Jagat Patey, Gopesh Gopika Kantam Radha Kantam Namostotey!

Shri Radha Krishnaabhyam Namah!