‘Love is an emotion that needs to be cherished’

Updated: Feb 04, 2012, 15:33 PM IST

After making the entire country groove to the tunes of ‘Sajania’ and garnering applause from critics and fans alike for his acting skills in ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’, the versatile talent Ali Zafar is now all set to win hearts with his forthcoming movie. Add to it the pretty damsel Aditi Rao Hydari - known for her roles in movies like ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ and ‘Rockstar’, and generous dollops of fresh music; and you can look forward to a heady concoction called ‘London, Paris, New York’ (LPNY). The movie, slated for release in March this year, will be one that, according to Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari, “is about love, relationships and the way a relationship develops over time”.

Ananya Bhattacharya of Zeenews.com spoke to Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari recently.

Excerpts of the interview:

Ananya: What is ‘London, Paris, New York’ all about?

Aditi: The movie is about love, relationships and the way a relationship develops over time to grow and become something special.

Ali: ‘LPNY’ is all about the moments in love. It is essentially about the different special moments that a relationship has. It is a movie that traces the journey of two young lovers over a period of time from London to Paris, and finally New York. In between London and Paris, there is a gap of two years when the relationship comes to a standstill. Once in Paris, love resumes; then the relationship develops into a test match of sorts!

Ananya: A considerable part of the movie deals with angst, pain and heartbreak. What are your views on love, pain, and heartbreaks?

Aditi: Love is an integral part of life. It is an emotion that needs to be cherished and treasured. I guess all of us need at least twelve hugs a day! (laughs) There are different kinds of love. The love of a partner is different from the love of a parent, or a grandparent. Love is a necessity in the troubled times of the day. After all, its love that makes the world go round!

Ali: Love … (pauses) love is a beautiful feeling; we need love in order to live our lives. Love, I feel, is a divine gift, and we need to value the emotion.

Ananya: Both of you have contributed a lot to the music of the film. What does it feel like?

Aditi: Ali has done everything. (smiles) My contribution is not much!

Ali: Aditi has sung two songs for the movie, and she is a brilliant singer.

Ananya: Ali, you’re a painter, composer, musician, songwriter, singer, model; and now an actor too. How does it feel to be such a versatile talent?

Ali: I feel blessed. It is a very good feeling that I am able to do all these things. I am grateful for being endowed with the ability to perform all of it.

Ananya: Finally, what do you feel is the steering point of the movie? Do you think people will be able to connect with it?

Aditi: The movie deals with love and relationships, which is common in everybody’s life. It traces the feelings of pain and suffering too, something that I feel people of all age groups will be able to connect with.

Ali: All of us have fallen in love in our lives. Since we are human beings, we are subject to the feeling of falling in love, the emotions surrounding the same, and the way we grow in love. Pain is an integral part of every relationship, and everybody who watches the movie, will be able to find some parts of themselves in the protagonists. ‘London, Paris, New York’ is a movie that would provide people with a reflection of parts of their own lives!