Ayesha vindicated as Shoaib divorces her to marry Sania

After weeks of denial, Shoaib Malik finally signed the divorce papers, thereby accepting his guilt.

Zeenews Bureau

Hyderabad: Ayesha Siddqui is finally relieved and happy after her request for an unconditional divorce was complied by Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik, her mother Faria Siddiqui said while addressing a press conference.

She told reporters, “Justice has been done. We left everything to the elders of the community and are happy with their decision…..Ayesha is very relieved and happy.” Ironically enough, just a few days back, Shoaib had referred to Ayesha as ‘Apa’ or elder sister, while speaking with the press with Sania on his side.

Community Matter

Talking on behalf of the elders of the community, Abid Rasool Khan, General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee, said that since the time that news about the controversy between Shoaib Malik and Ayesha Siddiqui surfaced in the media, they were trying to come to an amicable agreement and had been working silently from the past four days to come to a compromise formula.

Khan added, “By Allah’s grace, negotiations have managed to come to a consensus. It was a very hard time for the Siddiquis and finally, the saner counsels prevailed.”
Giving details of the settlement he said, “After hearing the three parties (Malik- Siddiqui- Mirza families), we had decided that Malik must give an unconditional divorce to Ayesha, with maintenance of Rs 15,000 i.e. at the rate of Rs 5000 per month for three months, as per Sharia law. He has done that last night in front of a ‘Qazi’ and there were no further demands by the girl’s family.

He further reiterated that no other monetary settlement was involved.

One of the mediators of the deal, Captain Ikram Kalim told Zee News that since the name of the community was being maligned, it was decided that Shoaib Malik would sign the divorce papers to end all the mudslinging.

On being asked about the allegations – marriage, abortion, sharing hotel rooms - made by Ayesha, Kalim said, “These things are of the past. All issues have been sorted out in an amicable manner.”

He, however, refused to clarify whether Shoaib and Sania are already married, saying he that he was not privy to information on marriage. He only confirmed that the reception would be held as scheduled on April 15.
Settlement of Convenience

On her part, Ayesha Sidiqqui has agreed to take back all civil and criminal cases she had filed against the Pakistani cricketer. The demand for a public apology has also been withdrawn.

The compromise was reached through the mediation of six close family friends including the Minority Affairs Minister Khalid Rasood Khan. The truce was reached late last night at Imran Mirza’s house, where Shoaib signed the divorce papers, putting an end to the matter.

Ayesha’s lawyer in Pakistan, Farooq Hasan, has confirmed that all the charges against Shoaib Malik have been dropped and the FIR has been withdrawn.

Taking high moral ground the mediators told the press conference, “Since the situation had turned ugly, we have found a honourable exit. No part has won or lost.”

Captain Ikram Kalim hoped that family friends would be able to find a suitable groom for Ayesha as well, and hoped that she would find peace of mind.

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