Food inflation nears 20 percent

Food inflation rose to 19.83% for the week ended Dec 19 on spurting prices of potato and pulses.

New Delhi: Food inflation rose to 19.83 percent for the week ended December 19 on the back of spurting prices of potato and pulses.

In the second week of December, the food inflation was at
18.65 percent.

Potato prices more than doubled while pulses became
costly by over 41 percent over the last year. Onion rates
rose by 40.75 percent.

Prices of vegetables rose by 46.7 percent while fruits
became dearer by 10.35 percent.

The spike in prices was significant on a weekly basis
also, with bajra and wheat becoming dearer by 12 percent and
4 percent respectively, while rates of rice increased by 2

At the same time, barley and urad were rose by 1 percent
each. However, prices of fruit and vegetables declined by
5 percent on weekly basis.

The food inflation had declined by 1.30 percentage points
to 18.65 percent during the second week of December.

Among the non-food articles, raw rubber turned expensive
by 3 percent and rape and mustard seed by 1 per cent.

The fuel index remained unchanged.


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