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Monsoon diseases: Prevention and cure

The season of rains is here again and we are all set to enjoy it to the hilt irrespective of our age. But you are at risk of falling ill in the season and probably this is the last thing you would want.

Sharique N Siddiquie

The season of rains is here again and we are all set to enjoy it to the hilt irrespective of our age. There are people whose idea of enjoying the drizzle is gorging on their favourite ‘pakoras’ and ‘chai’, while watching the lovely weather from the comfort of their homes.
But there are people who want to go out and enjoy the season dancing in the rain. Though it could be a truly exhilarating experience, it comes with a price tag. You are at risk of falling ill in the season and probably this is the last thing you would want should come between you and monsoon enjoyment.

In order to keep yourself safe, you need to know the most common diseases that you need to stay away from and their remedies, in case you fall prey.


This is the most common disease that catches you in the rainy season. The disease is spread by Female Anopheles mosquito. Since, there is a problem of water logging during the rainy season, mosquitoes get conducive conditions to breed. This is the most dangerous disease in India with highest number of deaths credited to it.

Fever at regular intervals, bouts of shivering, muscle pain and weakness are the symptoms that a patient shows while suffering from Malaria.


Since this disease is spread by mosquitoes, so mosquito repellents and nets should be used to prevent it. Also make sure that water does not stagnate in your area as mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Use DDT in the drains near your home.

Do not ignore any symptoms of malaria and consult your doctor immediately if you feel any sign of the disease.


Cholera is another deadly disease that spreads during the rainy season. This disease is caused by contaminated food and water. Also poor hygienic conditions help this disease to spread. It normally spreads in places with poor sanitation facilities.

Severe diarrhoea with watery stools is the most common symptom of Cholera. There could also be vomiting with immediate water loss and muscle cramps.


It is always wise to get vaccinated as it lasts secures you for almost six months. Keep the drinking water clean and boil it before using, if possible. Also maintain personal hygiene and good sanitation.

In case one catches Cholera, oral rehydration should be given immediately. Also, though Choelra can be treated easily, it could prove dangerous if the treatment is not given on time.


This is another highly infectious disease that spreads during the monsoon season. This disease is caused by contaminated food and water. The worst part is that the infection of this disease can remain in the gall bladder of the patient even after he is cured. This could prove fatal for the patient.

The most common symptom of this disease is prolonged fever. Severe pain in abdomen and headache also indicate towards this disease.


This is a highly communicable disease so the patient should be isolated from the rest of the family. Getting a vaccination in advance also helps. The patients should get high intake of fluid to prevent dehydration.

Since this disease has a tendency of relapsing in two weeks time, so the patient should take utmost care. Precautions should continue even after apparent recovery.
Hepatitis A

This epidemic is generally caused by flies. It can also spread by coming in direct contact of the patient.

The symptoms of this disease are similar to flu i.e. high fever together with headache, pain in joints and vomiting.


The most important prevention of this disease is vaccination. This vaccine is available at all the government and private hospitals and should be taken by one and all as it is very deadly disease. The patient should be kept on complete bed rest and should be given a high calories diet, but fat and oily food should be avoided.

Common cold

This is the most common disease that catches people cutting across age lines. You get wet and you’ve got it. Though it is difficult to forgo the temptation of dancing in the rain, this joy is likely to get you common cold.

Constant sneezing, sore throat and fever are the common symptoms of this disease.


The easiest way is to avoid getting yourself drenched in rain. But if you don’t want to miss out on the fun then make sure that you dry yourself completely once you are done with dancing. Keep the air-conditioner at a normal temperature and avoid ice-creams.

If you catch common cold then the best home made remedy is a glass of hot turmeric milk. Gargles with warm water give relief to your sore throat. If things don’t improve then it is always better to see a doctor.

It is time to put your dancing shoes on and start enjoying the rain. Just make sure you don’t catch any disease.