‘Never A Dull Moment’ is hilarious!

Hilarious, interesting and enchanting, ‘Never A Dull Moment’ lives up to its name.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi, Mar 24: Hilarious, interesting and enchanting, ‘Never A Dull Moment’ lives up to its name. T Samuel, the cartoonist has presented even the goriest incident in such a way that one ends up seeing the comic even in the worst situations of his life.
Recorded with unflinching fidelity, the book is his ultimate and commendable effort at rounding up amusing incidents from his rich and multifarious realms of experience.

T Samuel says in his foreword, “I was a born artist who started off by drawing elephants on the wall at the age of four. Although my passion for the pursuit of the fine arts remained with me as a predominant obsession all along, only very few of the affluent society could afford to indulge in such day dreaming, as deemed by the underprivileged.

The book relates anecdotes from his childhood and then of his wartime experiences. All his narratives of the war picture the lighter side of that grim period. The incidents are enchanting, the setting comic, the style gripping and the tone funny – a light-hearted escape into the world of comedy.

T Samuel mentions in his epilogue, “Reflecting on my trek through life in this wonderful land of thrill and uncertainties, I am awestruck at the way destiny has carried me across many disastrous and unpredictable moments, lending me time to recollect some of these unforgettable incidents which I have noted down to amuse the readers, as true life is at times stranger than fiction.”

T Samuel’s other publications include three collections of his selected cartoons as ‘Babuji’, ‘The Best of Garib’, and ‘Babuji’s Thoughts’.