New test measures intelligence more accurately

Interactive exercises, different from existing psychometric have been used to develop the new method.

London: A new test measures both human and artificial intelligence more accurately - provided it is spaced out over a longer period.

"It can be applied to any subject... at any point in its development (child or adult), for any system now or in the future, and with any level of intelligence or speed," researcher Jose Hernández-Orallo points out.

Hernández-Orallo at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain and David L. Dowe of Monash University, Australia, have used interactive exercises, different from existing psychometric and artificial intelligence tests, to develop the new method.

It can be directly applied to artificial intelligence. Until now, there has not been any way of checking whether current systems are more intelligent than the ones in use 20 years ago, the journal Artificial Intelligence reports.

And what is even "more important" is that there were no theories or tools to evaluate and compare future intelligent systems that could demonstrate intelligence greater than human intelligence, according to a Polytechnic University statement.

"The universal and unified evaluation of intelligence, be it human, non-human animal, artificial or extraterrestrial, has not been approached from a scientific viewpoint before, and this is a first step," Hernández-Orallo concludes.


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