Observers to check photographs of voters

Three observers from the Election Commission of India (ECI) arrived in Manipur on Sunday to check the photos of voters.

Imphal: Three observers from the Election
Commission of India (ECI) arrived here on Sunday in Manipur to
check the photos of voters from the electoral rolls, official
sources said.

Sunil Gupta, Chief Electoral Officer of West Bengal, D
K Pandey of CRPF (Ranchi) and Gaurav Dwivedi from the Union
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at New Delhi would
check the photographs of voters taken during the polling with
the photos in electoral rolls.

Along with Manipur election officials, the observers
would check the photos of the voters only for the polling
stations from where the ECI got complaints of irregularities
from the public.

Every effort would be made that all irregularities
were rectified so that votes of genuine voters were counted,
sources said adding that of about 17 lakh voters, about 13
lakh voters cast their votes in the last assembly elections on
January 28 in the state.

Photographs of all the voters were taken during the
polling but photos of about 21,000 people could not be taken
due to problems in mobile cameras.

Some political parties have complained to the state
election office about false voters and some irregularities.
The counting of votes for the 60-member Manipur
assembly would be taken up on March 6.