Rarest obese surgery performed in Pune

One of the rarest obesity surgery performed on a British national who weighed 297 kg.

Pune: A private hospital here has claimed to have performed one of the rarest obesity surgery on a British national who weighed 297 kg before undergoing the procedure of
"Sleeve Gastrectomy".

The 35-year-old patient Zachari Smith, described as the heaviest person to get operated in Asia, underwent the procedure on November 4 at Ruby Hall Clinic and had already lost eight kg in just two days after the surgery, Dr Shashank Shah, who performed the operation told a press conference today.

"Smith is a classic case of super obese patients who end up showing morbid conditions in early age.I am happy that walking was made possible for the heaviest person getting
operated in Asia", Dr Shah, who is also secretary of Obesity Surgery Society of India, said.

Smith is expected to lose 180 kg within two years as result of the surgery in which curvature of the stomach is removed arresting secretion of hormone `Ghrelin".

Smith, who was present at the press conference, said it was a dream come true for him.