Renowned sculptor Amarnath Sehgal passes away

Renowned sculptor Amarnath Sehgal has passed away in the capital.

New Delhi, Dec 28: Renowned sculptor Amarnath Sehgal
has passed away in the capital.

The 85-year-old engineer-turned-artist was ailing for
quite sometime and his end came yesterday, his family and
friends said today.

Known for his close links with first Prime Minister
Jawaharlal Nehru and the Gandhi family, Sehgal has exhibited
his works across the globe earning critical acclaim.

Sehgal's work always championed individual freedom,
reacted against the horrors of political violence and upheld
human dignity.

It was Sehgal, who helped artists ascertain "moral
rights" over a piece of work, the copyright of which is with a
third party.

He fought a 13-year-old protracted legal battle with the
government, which tore down his bronze mural which adored the
Vigyan Bhavan in the capital without his consent, saying the
work was incompatible with the renovation work there.

Sehgal was asked by Nehru in 1957 to create a mural that
would span the entire wall of the foyer of Vigyan Bhavan and
five years later he completed a 140 feet by 40 feet bronze
mural depicting rural and modern India.

Angered over his notice being unanswered for years, the
artist finally approached Delhi High Court seeking damage in
1992 and two years ago he received a favourable order which
said he should be compensated. His case was peculiar as the
copyright of the mural was with the government.

Vice President Mohd Hamid Ansari has condoled the death
of Sehgal.
Born in February 5, 1922, Sehgal completed a course in
Industrial Chemistry from Banaras University in 1942 and later
worked as an engineer in Lahore where he studied arts

He later obtained a master's degree in art education
from New York University School of Education in 1950.

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