149th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi: Here's how iconic world sites paid homage to 'Bapu'

The MEA arranged special LED projections on Bapu's life and teachings through iconic sites across the world.

149th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi: Here's how iconic world sites paid homage to 'Bapu'
Image/Video courtesy: MEA

NEW DELHI: To mark the 150h birth anniversary of the 'Father of Nation' Mahatma Gandhi, several iconic sites across the globe beamed the images of the great Indian leader and highlighted his teachings and philosophy through special LED projections.

The Ministry of External Affairs took this unique initiative of commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of the iconic Indian leader through its missions across the world.

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and the UK’s Piccadilly Circus were among 120 locations across the world chosen by the MEA which arranged LED video projections highlighting Bapu’s life and philosophy.

The Ministry of External Affairs also issued a statement saying, ''The storyline projected in LED videos highlights the relevance of Mahatma’s life and philosophy in today’s world and his ability to inspire the present generation.''

“To celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, missions abroad will continue to highlight the relevance of Gandhi in a unique way - through projecting his message in the form of an LED video on iconic buildings in these countries or on other prominent locations,” the statement said.  

Welt Museum in Vienna, Buda Castle in Budapest, Palazzo Senatorio in Rome, Prambanan Temple in Indonesia, Museo de Arte in Peru were among other iconic wites which were identified to execute the LED projection on Bapu's life, his struggle for freedom and his teachings.

The film showcased the key moments taken from Mahatma Gandhi's life, his inspiring quotes, everyday sayings, discourses and initiatives presented in spectacular visual narrative using the line-art style of hand-drawn illustrations layered with water-colour and ink wash that symbolise and represent the simplicity that was the Mahatma's life and his teachings.

The illustrations seamless transition into another in a thread-like fashion, shaping different scenes, giving a visual meaning to the lesson or initiative showcased in the narrative, the MEA said. 

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