Election department to conduct voters survey ahead of Rajasthan Assembly elections

Bharat Raj

Election department to conduct voters survey ahead of Rajasthan Assembly elections

Ahead of the Assembly elections in Rajasthan, the election department in the state is set to launch a drive to ascertain the awareness level and understanding capacity of voters. A survey would be conducted in parts of the state for the purpose.

The survey is scheduled to begin from Friday and will go on till July 10, following which a report will be sent to the election commission. The survey aims at ascertaining the intellectual level of the voters.

As part of the survey, the voters will be asked questions on general knowledge, behaviour and conduct. The baseline survey will be done on a random basis and some constituencies have been earmarked for the same.

One Assembly constituency each from all districts and two constituencies from each division have been chosen for the authorities to conduct the survey. Nearly 12,800 voters are expected comprise the sample of the survey.

Voters from across 40 districts will have to fill up the form. Each constituency has been divided into 20 parts and 15 voters from each part will be made to take the survey. One such person from each part would be included who has attained the age of 18 but not got himself registered in the voters list.

The questions that are expected to be asked are:

- How did you get yourself registered in the voter list?
- Did you face any difficulty in getting yourself registered?
- Did you vote in the previous Assembly or Lok Sabha elections?
- Did you face any difficulty in voting, if you did not vote then what was the reason for the same?
- What is the minimum age to vote?
- When is the national voters day?
- Did you get information on SMS about voting?
- Have you watch advertisements of brand ambassadors of Election Commission of India on TV?
- Do you have information about the website of Election Commission?
- Have you ever called up on EC helpline 1950?
- Did you get the desired information?