Former Maharashtra top cop allegedly shoots self: How Himanshu Roy's cancer was detected

While a forensic team is investigating the alleged suicide, sources say Himanshu Roy's cancer may have forced him into depression.

Former Maharashtra top cop allegedly shoots self: How Himanshu Roy's cancer was detected
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Mumbai: Former chief of Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) and former Additional Director General of Police Himanshu Roy allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself on Friday. According to reports, he may have taken the decision because he was suffering from cancer and had been on leave for a while to get himself treated.

While forensic teams reached his residence soon after the incident and are investigating the matter, Mumbai Police said it has recovered a suicide note in which Roy writes no one should be blamed for his decisiion.

Sources say that Roy was reportedly suffering from depression because of his bone-marrow cancer. The burly and imposing police official, who has been in-charge of several high-profile cases, appeared fit each time he walked out but once he was detected with cancer, the disease could have taken a mental and physical toll on him.

Incidentally, Roy's bone-marrow cancer was detected quite by accident.

The top cop had met with an accident when he fell while riding a horse. He had received injuries on his leg which was taking longer than usual to heal. Roy reportedly regularly consulted medical experts who began suspecting that he may have cancer. Several diagnostic tests were conducted which would eventually confirm that he indeed had bone marrow cancer.

Known to tackle adversities with determination, Roy underwent treatment in Mumbai, Pune and even abroad. He also took a long medical leave to get himself treatment and his condition is said to have improved marginally before deteriorating. Many suspect that it is this deterioration that may have led to depression - compelling Roy to shoot himself.