India gave the world 'Buddha', not 'Yudh': PM Narendra Modi tells UNGA

In his speech at UNGA, PM Modi said that India has played a pivotal role in the UN Peacekeeping Mission across the world and its fight against terrorism. 

India gave the world 'Buddha', not 'Yudh': PM Narendra Modi tells UNGA ANI Photo

New Delhi: Addressing the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that 'India gave the world Buddha and not Yudha'. 

"I come from a country which has given Buddha and not Yudh (war). We have given a message of peach and therefore the voice of India against terrorism reflects the general anguish against the menace," Modi said in his speech at UNGA today.  

The Prime Minister asked the world to unite against terrorism saying, "That's why there is anger and seriousness in our voice to warn the world against terrorism. The world has to unite against terrorism as it has become the biggest threat to the world."

"For the sake of humanity, the world needs to unite to fight the menace of terrorism. A world divided by violence and terrorism makes a direct assault on the very principle on which the United Nations was founded," PM Modi said in his 20-minute long speech. 

"Harmony and peace were India's message to the world," the Prime Minister said, adding, "India was several thousand-year-old civilisation and has historically believed in welfare for all, that is the crux of our slogan of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas."

The Prime Minister highlighted that the government is running a big campaign to free India from single-use plastic."While coming here, I read on the wall of the United Nations building - "No more single use plastic". I am happy to tell the gathering that while I am addressing you today, even at this time, we are running a big campaign to free India from single-use plastic," he said.

Modi said that 15 crore houses will be connected with water supply and 2 crore more houses will be constructed by 2022. "In the next 5 years, along with promoting water conservation, we are going to connect 15 crore houses with water. We are going to construct more than 1.25 lakh kilometers of roads in our remote villages. By 2022, when India will celebrate 75 years of its independence, we are going to build 2 crore more houses for the poor," he said. 

"The world sets the deadline of 2030 to eradicate tuberculosis but we are working to make India TB-free by 2025," the PM added.

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