Indian Army officer battles dacoits, foils robbery attempt on train

Two dacoits allegedly attempted to rob a woman passenger on board Dadar Express. Unfortunately for them, Lieutenant Ashish was just round the corner.

Indian Army officer battles dacoits, foils robbery attempt on train
Photo courtesy: Twitter/@adgpi

New Delhi: Country and its citizens before self is what the Indian Army is all about and an example of this was showcased by a young officer when he risked his life to bring down two dacoits on board an Amritsar-bound train recently.

Meet Lieutenant Ashish of the Regiment of Artillery. He was not on duty as a soldier when he boarded the Dadar Express last Sunday (May 6). Then again, a soldier is perhaps never off duty. During the journey towards Amritsar on board the train, Lt. Ashish noticed two dacoits allegedly trying to rob a woman passenger. Throwing caution to wind, the young officer decided to intervene and bravely brought down both dacoits single-handedly. That he received a knife cut on his hand was a minor detail for a braveheart who ensured that his fellow passenger was safe and that those attempting to rob her were strongly dealt with.

The Indian Army took note of the bravery displayed by the young soldier and praised him for his valour. An official tweet from the Indian Army was widely shared and applauded by netizens - some even encouraging others to act up when they see injustice being committed in any form and anywhere.