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Indian Army soldiers to get special jackets capable of blocking AK-47 bullets

The special bulletproof jackets, it is claimed, are not only lightweight but would be able to block even hard steel core bullets.

Indian Army soldiers to get special jackets capable of blocking AK-47 bullets

New Delhi: Bravehearts of the Indian Army will soon get a new shield that could prove to be a lifesaver during combat operations. The new bulletproof jackets for Indian Army soldiers would reportedly be capable of blocking fire from AK-47 assault rifles.

AK-47 - considered one of the deadliest assault weapons in the world - would be of no threat to soldiers of the Indian Army because they would soon be getting a bulletproof jacket especially designed to block out fire from a wide range of guns and rifles. Even steel hard core bullets, it is claimed, would be incapable of causing any damage.

Manufactured in India by Defence Materials and Stores Research and Development Establishment (DMSRDE) after five years of research, these jackets promise to shield soldiers from fire coming in from any direction. 

Officials say that the main advantage of the jacket would be in close-combat operations during which it would shield a soldier's chest, back, neck and groin area from enemy fire. Chances of stealth attacks from the enemies too could be negated as close-range firing would be no match for these jackets. Unlike conventional bulletproof jackets though, these jackets are believed to be ultra-lightweight and won't restrict movement of soldiers who are wearing them. "These jackets weigh 10.4 kilos each. This is much lighter - and yet stronger - than what armies of other countries are equipped with," said a DMSRDE official.

Indian Army has reportedly already raised a request for these jackets and one lakh units are being provided in the first phase. Additionally, these jackets could also be provided to BSF and paramilitary forces.