Live updates: ISRO chief says communication with Vikram lander lost, data being analysed

ISRO chairman K Sivan has confirmed that communication has been lost with lander Vikram 2.1 km from the moon’s surface and data is being analysed further.


New Delhi: ISRO chairman K Sivan has confirmed that communication has been lost with lander Vikram 2.1 km from the moon’s surface and data is being analysed further. The mood at ISRO headquarter was sombre when Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a pep talk to the scientists and hailed them for their efforts. PM Modi asked the scientists to be courageous and keep on continuing with their hard work.

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The soft landing of Chandrayaan-2 Vikram lander on the lunar surface was scheduled between 1:30 am to 2:30 am on Saturday, followed by the Rover (Pragyan) roll out between 5:30 am to 6:30 am.

07 September 2019
02:22 AM

PM Narendra Modi praised ISRO scientists and said the country is proud of their achievement. He congratulated all the scientists for working for the benefit of human race and the country. He assured the scientists of his total support to them and encouraged them to continue their work. PM Modi expressed confidence that the country will soon get a chance to celebrate their success.

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The Vikram lander descent was as planned, and normal performance was observed up to an altitude of 2.1 kilometers. Subsequently, the communications from the lander to the ground station was lost. The data is being analyzed: ISRO chairman Sivan

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ISRO chief Dr Sivan says that communication with Vikram Lander lost around 2.15 km away from moon. Data is being analysed.

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ISRO loses contact with Chandrayaan-2's Vikram lander.

01:53 AM

Rough breaking of Vikram Lander ends and Fine braking phase starts.

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PM Modi at the ISRO Centre in Bengaluru to watch the soft landing of Vikram lander on South Pole region of moon. 60 students from across the country, who were selected through ISRO's 'Space Quiz' competition will watch the landing along with PM.


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at the ISRO centre in Bengaluru to watch the landing of Chandrayaan 2 on moon. 

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Descent of Vikram Lander to begin at 1:37:54 AM and landing on Moon's surface is scheduled to take place at 1:52:45 AM.

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Scientists gear up for the soft landing of Vikram lander on the South Pole region of the moon. 60 students from across the country, who were selected through the ISRO's 'Space Quiz' competition to watch the landing along with PM Modi, also present at the ISRO centre.


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Amazon founder and one of the world's richest men Jeff Bezos has tweeted Good luck to India for its Chandrayaan-2 mission.


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Less than 3 hours to go, tweets ISRO. 

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A quick look at Saturday's schedule:

0030 hrs: PM Modi expected to arrive at ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network in Peenya, Bengaluru

0130 hrs: The main event starts. Landing expected to take place between 1.30am and 2.30am
0140 hrs: The 15 minutes of terror (soft landing) begins
0155 hrs: Vikram lander makes soft landing
0530 hrs - 0630 hrs: Pragyan Rover rolls out and solar panels of the rover emerge
PM Modi speech post moon landing. He will also interact with scientists
0800 hrs: PM Modi to fly to Bengaluru
0800- 0900 hrs: ISRO Chairman K Sivan's presser

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The mission`s payloads consist of Terrain Mapping Camera-2, Large Area Soft X-ray Spectrometer, Solar X-Ray Monitor, Imaging IR Spectrometer among others. The objective of Chandrayaan-2 is to expand the lunar scientific knowledge through a detailed study of topography, mineralogy, surface chemical composition, thermo-physical characteristics and tenuous lunar atmosphere leading to a better understanding of the origin and evolution of the moon. It also aims at developing and demonstrating key technologies for end-to-end lunar mission capability, including soft-landing and roving on the lunar surface.

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As India`s first moon lander Vikram is all set to land on the moon on early on Saturday, Tamil Nadu`s Sona College revealed its Special Electrical and Electronics Drives Division (SPEED) supplied three products that are its parts, including two vital components that will allow its smooth landing on the moon and collection of soil and rock samples.

These products are the fuel mixer motors that mix liquid oxygen with fuel, the Doppler mechanism for Vikram module to guide the laser to ensure smooth landing on the moon and the Sona Mechanical Research team-built robotic arm for picking sand and rock samples from the moon, the Salem-based institution told IANS.

23:21 PM

PM Modi will interact with about 70 students from across the country at the ISRO network centre after Vikram`s landing. The Prime Minister will leave the city from the airbase around 9 a.m on Saturday.

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"Do not Wait to Celebrate, Celebrate While you Wait: Tonight @ISRO with its #Chandrayaan2 will rewrite history when India becomes the first country in the world to soft-land on Moon’s South Polar Region," tweets Railway Minister Piyush Goyal's Office.


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"India and ISRO scientists at the brink of creating history. Soft landing on the moon will soften every Indian heart," tweets Sadhguru.


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"Less than four hours to go, we are ready for the historic event of landing of #Chandrayaan2 #VikramLander," tweets ISRO.


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Scientists at ISRO Monitoring Centre in Bengaluru:


22:31 PM

Scientists at ISRO Monitoring Centre in Bengaluru:


22:31 PM

Scientists at ISRO Monitoring Centre in Bengaluru:


22:31 PM

Scientists at ISRO Monitoring Centre in Bengaluru:


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived at Bengaluru Airport where he was received by Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddiyurappa. He will reach ISRO centre in Bengaluru tonight ahead of landing of Chandrayaan-2 on the moon.

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ISRO has so far launched 75 missions, two re-entry missions and built 105 spacecrafts, 10 student satellites and 297 foreign satellites.

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Chandrayaan-2, which comprises of an Orbiter, Lander (Vikram) and Rover (Pragyan), is expected to land on moon at 1:30 am and 2:30 am. But do you know where exactly will it land? 

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The Chandrayaan-2 mission took off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota on July 22. After revolving around the earth's orbit for nearly 23 days, Chandrayaan-2 began its journey to the moon on August 14. 

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The Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft will be the first-ever expedition to the south pole of the moon and the mission will make India the fourth country after the US, Russia, and China to conduct a soft landing on the lunar surface. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be present in Bengaluru to witness the historic moment live. About 60-70 school students will also join PM Modi. The landing of Vikram lander will be followed by the Pragyan Rover roll out, from inside it, between 5.30 am to 6.30 am. ISRO chairman Dr K Sivan is also scheduled to address a press conference between 8.00 am to 9.00 am on September 7. 

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