Murky Siang river takes a toll on wildlife sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh

Siang river continues to be murky and polluted, and the water has been deemed unfit for consumption. Construction activity in China upstream has been blamed for the water pollution -  a charge denied by China.

Murky Siang river takes a toll on wildlife sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh

New Delhi: The polluted Siang river in Arunachal Pradesh has begun taking a toll on animals in a wildlife sanctuary in close proximity with several deaths reported here in recent days. The water of the otherwise pristine river has reportedly turned murky due to construction activity in China upstream.

Siang river turned a pale colour of brown last week with locals blaming China for polluting the river. Even as China continues to deny having any role in making the river - a tributary of Brahmaputra - polluted, Siang continues to flow dirty. And now, it is having an impact not just on the human population but on animals in Daying Ering Wildlife Foundation Eco-Development Society. Founder and Vice Chairman Maksam Tayeng has said that not only are animals either getting sick or dying due to drinking contaminated water, but that migratory birds too are becoming a rarity here.

Water in the Siang river has long been used for consumption but a recent sample taken by the district administration found that toxicity levels have increased exponentially.

Ninong Ering, MP from Arunachal East, previously wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and asked him to look into the matter.


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