On Rahul Gandhi's 'PM Modi Would Start Explaining To God' Jibe In US, BJP Says 'Insult To India'

Hitting back at Rahul Gandhi, Union Minister Anurag Thakur said that Rahul couldn't digest the fact that Australian PM Anthony Albanese called PM Modi 'Boss' during his the recent foreign visits.

New Delhi: Hours after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's 'Prime Minister Narendra Modi will start explaining to God' jibe in the US, Union Minister Anurag Thakur on Wednesday accused him of 'insulting India' during his foreign visits. Gandhi, who is on a week-long visit to the US, said that some groups in India have the 'disease' of being under the impression that they know everything. "If you make him (PM Modi) sit with God, he would start explaining to him (God) how the universe works... and God would get confused about what I had created," Rahul Gandhi said at an event in San Francisco.

Hitting back at the former Congress president, Anurag Thakur said that Rahul couldn't digest the fact that Australian PM Anthony Albanese called PM Modi 'Boss' during his recent foreign visits. 

"During his foreign visits, Rahul Gandhi insults India. PM Modi met almost 24 PMs and Presidents of the world & held over 50 meetings during his foreign visit recently and when the Australian PM said that 'PM Modi is the Boss', Rahul Gandhi could not digest this," the news agency ANI quoted Thakur as saying.

While addressing the Indian dispora in an event in San Francisco, California, the former Congress MP said, "In India, we grew up with people of different languages, different religions. And that is what is being attacked. The tradition in India, of people like Gandhi Ji and Guru Nanak Ji, has been that you should not be under the impression of knowing everything. It is a 'disease' that some groups of India think that they know everything. Even if they have a conversation with God, they might explain to him."

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'Minorities Feeling Attacked Under BJP Govt': Rahul

Gandhi was answering a question from the 'Bay Area Muslim community' while peaking at an event in Santa Clara, California. The Congress leader said, " The way Muslims are feeling attacked, I can guarantee Sikhs, Christians, Dalits and Tribals are feeling the same. What is happening to Muslims in India today happened to Dalits in the 1980s". Taking a swipe at the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party government, Rahul said it is 'threatening' the people and 'misusing' the country's agencies.

Gandhi accused the BJP and the RSS of dominating all the political instruments in India. He said he understood that the usual methods that were used in politics in the past were no longer effective before he began his ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’.