Professor touches feet of ABVP students who accused him of being anti-national

Asked to apologise for telling them to stop sloganeering, the professor stumped students with his act.

Professor touches feet of ABVP students who accused him of being anti-national

Bhopal: A video of a professor at the Rajiv Gandhi PG College in Mandsaur has gone viral because he is seen trying to touch feet of ABVP students in it.

The incident took place on Wednesday after the professor was allegedly labeled as anti-national when he tried to stop ABVP students from sloganeering. The students alleged that he had tried to stop them from saying 'Bharat Mata ki Jai.' They asked him to apologise and questioned his patriotism. In response, the professor began touching the feet of the students - leaving them shocked at first and then utterly embararrased. In the video, the professor is heard calling students to him and even chasing some of them - all the while saying he will continue to apologise in what appears to be a sarcastic tone.



Ravindra Sohni, principal of the college, later said that allegations made against the professor were incorrect. "Students are alleging that professor stopped them from raising ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ slogans. However, nothing like that happened. He just stopped them from raising slogans. They even demanded him to apologise," he was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

Reaction to the video on social media has ranged from people complimenting the professor for shaming the students with his act to flaying the students themselves for resorting to a certain degree of patriotic high-handedness.





It is reported that the incident is being looked into by college authorities.