Tattoo on body helps cops identify murdered model with mutilated face

Cops claim that Ashraf has admitted to having murdered Khushi and further added that marital discord between the two because of her free-willed nature may have been the main reason.

Tattoo on body helps cops identify murdered model with mutilated face Representational image

In a shocking incident which had perplexed police officials in Nagpur, a woman's body had been found recently but could not be identified because her face had been mutilated. While initial investigations revealed that the woman had been murdered, a tattoo on her body eventually helped cops identify her as a city-based model. Her husband now has been detained as the prime suspect.

The tattoo on the dead body eventually led police officials to identify the victim as Khushi Parihar, a model who was married to a man called Ashraf. The couple had several affectionate photos on their social media handles but recent times had reportedly resulted in discord between the two. It is alleged that Ashraf was extremely unhappy with the free-willed nature of Khushi who had participated, and even won, many modelling contests. It is also reported that she had defied her parents and married Ashraf. It is this independent nature of Khushi that may have eventually irked Ashraf who, allegedly, murdered her. So that the body cannot be identified, he is suspected to have disfigured her face.

Sanjay Jogdar, Deputy Superintendent of Police, has said that Khushi's lifestyle may have been the single biggest reason for fights and arguments between the couple. Ashraf, it is reported, took Khushi on a long drive last Friday and the two reportedly had a heated argument inside the car. Ashraf is suspected to have hit Khushi in a fit of rage and used a heavy object to repeatedly strike her with. Cops suspect that it was a pre-meditated murder because Ashraf had carried a bottle of acid with him which he eventually used on Khushi's face after she had died. This was done so that her body could not be identified.

Cops say that when Ashraf was arrested, he claimed innocence but later reportedly admitted to having killed Khushi.

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