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With no ambulance available, cop carries pregnant woman to hospital in his arms

Shobhit Chaturvedi/Zee UP/UK

With no ambulance available, cop carries pregnant woman to hospital in his arms
Zee News Photo

New Delhi: Incidents of lack of ambulances are aplenty in the state of Uttar Pradesh but despite hardships, most tales have a happy ending. This was true for a woman in Mathura who had labour pains and had to be physically carried to the hospital where she delivered a healthy baby.

The incident occurred in Mathura's cantonment area - near the railway station here - when Bhavna Prasav complained of labour pains. Her husband was frantically looking for help when Station Officer Sonu Rajaura noticed the couple. He called for an ambulance to help them but was told that none could be dispatched immediately. Instead of turning the other way, the cop put Bhavna in a rickshaw and took her to the district hospital. It is learnt that the doctors here referred Bhavna to a maternity hospital without even giving her any medical attention to ease her pain.

With no stretcher available, Rajaura had no option but to hoist the woman in his arms and take her to the maternity hospital - believed to be in close vicinity - where Bhavna delivered a baby boy.

While passerby were amazed to see a cop carrying a woman, there was also a lot of praise for Rajaura who went out of his way to help a woman in need. The incident, however, also casts a dark shadow on the state of medical facilities in the state of Uttar Pradesh where several such incidents surface repeatedly.