Determined vs BJP, divided over AAP: Congress weighs its options

Senior party leader PC Chacko has said that Rahul Gandhi is expected to take a decision on whether or not to form an alliance with AAP in Delhi 'in a few days.'

Determined vs BJP, divided over AAP: Congress weighs its options

Seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi may well have exposed the simmering differences within the Congress party. Is bringing down arch rival BJP a reward worth the price of aligning with nemesis Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) here - that is a question that several party leaders are reportedly divided on.

Reports suggest that while several national leaders of Congress are in favour of an alliance with AAP in Delhi ahead of the crucial Lok Sabha election, the party's leadership in Delhi would rather steer clear. Sources told news agency ANI that Delhi Congress committee chief Sheila Dikshit has written to party chief Rahul Gandhi and warned him against the harm aligning with AAP would do in the long run. It is reported that Dikshit and working presidents  Haroon Yusuf, Devender Yadav and, Rajesh Lilothia are not willing to shake hands with AAP even though the party high command may be seriously considering a proverbial political hug.

Senior party leader PC Chacko said on Tuesday that a decision in this regard can be expected by the end of this week. "Our president Rahul Gandhi will take a decision in few days time. The policy of our party, as decided by the working committee, is to go for an alliance with parties who are opposed to BJP. I hope Delhi leaders will also follow this policy decision of the Congress," he said.

Meanwhile, the AAP has claimed that it is capable of winning all Lok Sabha seats in Delhi on his own merit. "We are not in talks with Congress for any alliance," Delhi CM and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal was quoted as saying by news agency PTI last week. "We are hearing statements from Congress that it would not enter into alliance with AAP. But according to our internal surveys, AAP will be winning with a heavy majority on all seven seats and there are four reasons for it." (Read full report here)

Political analysts feel that the confusion over whether Congress will enter into an alliance with AAP in Delhi could work in favour of BJP.

In the 2019 Lok Sabha election, Delhi will vote in the sixth phase - on May 12.

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