Lok Sabha election 2019: Mamata Banerjee predicts BJP will be single-largest party but sees a big role for regional satraps

In a freewheeling interview to Zee 24Ghanta, Mamata Banerjee exudes confidence in playing a big role in who would form the next government in Delhi.

Lok Sabha election 2019: Mamata Banerjee predicts BJP will be single-largest party but sees a big role for regional satraps

Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee has been scathing in her attack against the Bharatiya Janata Party and PM Narendra Modi through the course of Lok Sabha election 2019. She has slammed him and his party on a number of occasions and levelled allegations galore, often resorting to personal and derogatory attacks. While the counter-attack has been equally intense, the Trinamool Congress chief remains unfazed.

In an interview to Zee 24Ghanta, the West Bengal CM admitted that BJP is likely to emerge as the single-largest party after counting of votes on May 23 but it won't matter in the larger scheme of things.

"BJP will be the single-largest party and will get between 125 and 150 seats. Congress will get 123 to 130 seats. But if the seats won by regional parties are added then it would be more than these figures," she said.

"Regional parties can come together and it is possible that Congress support is taken. All of us can come together to decide who would be the leader (PM) to run the (next) government."

Urging that regional parties ought to consider the need for a stable government in the country, she said, "It is important to see that the country is governed properly in the time to come. Modi government has left the country in a disaster. Economic disaster, agricultural disaster, employment disaster."

Asked about a possible political scenario in which BJP could need the support of her party, Mamata categorically denied that such a situation would arise. "Trinamool will not give support to BJP under any condition. The way they have behaved with us, run a parallel government here (in West Bengal), we just don't want to do that kind of politics," she said.

"If someone loves us, we are even ready to do their dishes but if someone threatens us, we won't spare them. Walking with our heads held high is our habit."

Mamata was also asked about the controversy which erupted after PM Modi claimed that she had not taken her call in the aftermath of Cyclone Fani. "All of this is rubbish," she proclaimed. "He could have called me on my mobile. He only did this to take credit for himself."

She then targeted PM Modi for his attacks against Congress leaders of the past and present. "He began with Rajiv Gandhi and has not even spared a young girl like Priyanka. Politics is finished. This is having the wrong impact even in foreign countries."

Speculated to visit Delhi on May 21, Mamata was also asked if a big revelation was around the corner. She, however, attempted to play down the query. "Nothing has been decided yet. I may not go. Let the results come. As the counting day approaches, we are gaining in strength. We will make a stable government," she said.

Mamata has been every bit as confident of a strong showing as any other political leader through the course of Lok Sabha election 2019. West Bengal, however, has been home to poll-related violence in each of the six phases of voting so far with TMC and BJP trading allegations and their respective cadre trading literal punches.

The seventh phase now beckons the state when nine seats will join 50 more across the country in the finale of voting. The impact of claims, promises and charges made by almost every political leader - Mamata included - will eventually be seen on May 23 when counting of votes takes place.

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