Ramdev urges Congress leaders to try Kapalbhati after Lok Sabha election 2019 verdict

Congress appears in absolute shambles after scraping wins in only 54 seats in Lok Sabha election 2019.

Ramdev urges Congress leaders to try Kapalbhati after Lok Sabha election 2019 verdict

New Delhi: Yoga guru Ramdev has said that Congress leader should try Kapalbhati and that party president Rahul Gandhi, in particular, should do Dhyan Yog.

Reacting to the massive mandate given to the BJP-led NDA in Lok Sabha election 2019, Ramdev also spoke of Congress' debacle which saw the party win just 54 seats. "It is an achievement for Congress that Rahul Gandhi managed to at least win from Wayanad," he said. "He (Rahul) should try Dhyan Yog. Congress leaders should try Kapalbhati."

Dhyan Yog and Kapalbhati have proven health benefits and are done by people around the world to reduce stress. And the stress levels in Congress could be extremely high since the results of Lok Sabha election 2019 came out on Thursday. BJP swept its traditional strongholds while made massive in-roads in states where it previously had insignificant say. Congress, on the other hand, failed to mount any challenge whatsoever with Rahul - contesting from two seats this year - even his family bastion of Amethi to BJP's Smriti Irani.

While there is speculation that Rahul may tender his resignation as president of Congress, many other party leaders have already sent their resignations.

Ramdev, meanwhile, has said that the people of India have shown they believe in the leadership of PM Modi and that he expects him to focus on issues of corruption, unemployment in his second term in office.

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