Did LeEco just used Nokia-3310 phone in its promo?

Did LeEco just used Nokia-3310 phone in its promo?

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Old is gold they say and which phone company represents that adage more than Nokia?

For years, Finnish mobile company Nokia was the market leader until South Korean giant Samsung came and took over the rein.

Since then, Nokia has died a very unnatural dead, living only in the memories of fans.

However, not one to be forgotten, a model of the company, the Nokia-3310 phone appears to have been used by Chinese tech giants LeEco in their latest tweet GIF.

LeEco India tweeted “To a time when you were your own auto-correct! Key pad, qwerty or touch screen, #Superfans? #ThrowbackThursday” (sic).

What is unique of the tweet was the GIF wherein a basic phone model, similar to the Nokia 3310 in every way except with the name missing, appears to have been used.


The 3310/3330, released in 2000, is known for its sturdy build and is among the best-selling phones of all time with 126 million units reportedly sold worldwide.

Now, see the picture and compare it yourself. Don't tell me you don't see any similarities!