Mumbai drowns, Mumbaikars use humour to stay afloat

To bunk or not to bunk? To walk or to swim? To drive or to row? It was a day full of quirky questions for Mumbaikars under a dark, grey sky.

Mumbai drowns, Mumbaikars use humour to stay afloat
Boys enjoy a game of football in Mumbai. (PTI photo)

Mumbai: Even as heavy rains once again brought the city of Mumbai and adjoining areas to a near standstill on Monday morning, locals took to Twitter - and humorously so - to vent their frustration at the familiar civic apathy.

Flooding was reported from several parts of the city with pedestrians having to walk in knee deep water. Among them were school children and office goers who found it extremely difficult to navigate through water-logged roads. It was no better for motorists who had to deal with the additional problems of their vehicles possibly breaking down.

Drains began overflowing, a road caved in and a high tide warning was issued. It was a damp day enlightened only by Mumbaikars once again cracking jokes at their own expense.

Going filmy!

Rain, rain, don't go away!

Full marks for attendance!

Selfie, anyone?

And another!

Make in India!

Meanwhile, another dry day in Delhi!

While jokes on Twitter may do a bit to ease the troubles of Mumbai residents, the on-ground situation is no laughing matter. At least three people have lost their lives in the city and there are reports of several injuries. The BMC is once again under the scanner and is being accused of not being prepared to deal with the rains.