Ready to pay more for vada pav? Potato prices in Mumbai soar

Rising fuel prices and low produce has led to the prices jumping in recent days.

Ready to pay more for vada pav? Potato prices in Mumbai soar

Mumbai: Your favourite vada pav may now cost more on the streets of Mumbai as potato prices in the city have reportedly gone up by up to 30 per cent in recent days.

City-dwellers have been shelling out more to buy potatoes off late. While average prices ranged from Rs 18 to Rs 20 for a kilo, it now ranges from Rs 24 to Rs 26. Sellers in major vegetable markets in Mumbai tell Zee News that the higher rates may prevail for most of the year as the supply line is unlikely to firm up. "Our suppliers have advised us to maintain the rates because production has been low," said a vendor. " Buyers are not too happy and often argue about the prices. How can we explain the market scenario to them?"

Vendors mostly are resigned to the fact that despite the price rise, they have no option but to sell and buyers too have no option but to buy.

Interestingly, three months back - in December, potatoes worth crores were being dumped on the streets in the state of Uttar Pradesh where supply had surpassed demand. Farmers at the time had said since they are not getting the minimum cost, and are unable to pay cold storage charges, they have no option but to let potatoes rot. (Read full story here)