Rs 250-crore drone initiative to make Mumbai safer for women

Rajiv Ranjan Singh

Rs 250-crore drone initiative to make Mumbai safer for women

The Maharashtra government is soon slated to launch a special drive to ensure that Mumbai becomes a safer city for women. The latest initiative is being executed at a whopping cost of Rs 250 crore and makes use of drone cameras.

Whenever they are in any sort of trouble, they can press the panic button, which would activate a drone equipped with camera. The button will also alert the nearest police station.

A drone will immediately fly to the spot of the incident and relay the happenings live to the police control room. This will help the police reach the spot of the crime at the earliest.

The drones are connected with an advanced software, linked to a mobile application. Once a person installs the mobile app on her phone, she would get the panic button as part of the same. Once the button is pressed, a drone will be activated with the location and will move to the same immediately.

After reaching the spot, the drone will send live footage to the police control room.

Apart from women safety, the initiative is also expected to be used by the Mumbai Police to tackle several untoward situations. The drones are also likely to be used to monitor places that are crowded. For instance, the drones can be used for security during Ganpati visarjan, political rallies or sporting events.

Mumbai Police PRO, DCP Deepak Devraj said, “Drones will be used to ensure security in Mumbai. This will lead to better security in the city. With their help, we can monitor areas which got ignored till now.”