Ramdev demands inquiry into alleged coal scam

Demanding that PM order an inquiry into the alleged coal allocation scam between 2004 and 2009, Ramdev said he cannot escape moral responsibility.

New Delhi: Demanding that the Prime Minister
order an inquiry into the alleged coal allocation scam
between 2004 and 2009, yoga guru Ramdev on Thursday said he cannot
escape the "moral responsibility" as he was then in-charge of
the department.

"It is very unfortunate that when this mega coal scam took
place, the person who is wearing a big badge of honesty, Prime
Minister was the in-charge of this Ministry. He cannot escape
the moral responsibility as the scam took place under his
nose," Ramdev told reporters.

He said, "In order to fulfill his (Prime Minister) moral
obligation, the whole country will see whether he orders an
inquiry and seeks what kind of repentance for himself. Country
will wish to know how moral our Prime Minister is."

Replying to queries on the allegations against him for
evading tax, Ramdev claimed the government has never been able
to prove these charges against his trusts.

"In 2003-04 and 05, the Sales Tax department had sent us a
notice and we replied to it and won the case. But then the
case was taken to the tribunal but they could not prove that
our trust had evaded any tax," he said.

When asked how much tax was paid by him, he said that he
does not look after the financial matters but these records
are available on the website of his trust.

"You can check the website where entire financial record of
the trust is published. We have not evaded any tax... We paid
the tax which was due. We have received more than 50 notices.
Has the government been able to prove any allegation against
me", he said.

Replying to a question on his association with civil
rights activist Anna Hazare, Ramdev said, "We are very much
with Anna Hazare. There are only three main issues i.e. black
money, corruption and change of corrupt administration. So in
matters of change in administration, Lokpal and black money we
were together and we will remain so."

Stating that he will not be able to attend Anna Hazare`s
protest on 25 March due to prior commitments, he said the
dates of such protests in future will be decided with mutual

Asked whether the number of scams which were exposed
during the UPA government indicates towards a weak opposition,
he said, "I would not like to comment on opposition parties as
they keeps supporting us on some ground or other."

Replying to a query on Adarsh scam, he said, "No scam
takes place without the consent of politicians. It is
impossible that Adarsh scam took place without the knowledge
of the politicians. Firstly action should be taken against
politicians only."