Opposition walks out of Haryana Assembly

Opposition Indian National Lok Dal staged a walkout in the Haryana Assembly on Friday.

Chandigarh: Opposition Indian National Lok
Dal (INLD) staged a walkout in the Haryana Assembly on Friday
after their adjournment motion on law and order situation was
disallowed by Speaker Kuldeep Sharma.

The BJP-HJC alliance members also staged a walkout after the Chair did not allow BJP member Anil Vij to raise some
issues, including poor wages of Haryana Police personnel as
compared with their counter-parts in other states.

As soon as the zero hour commenced, INLD members Rampal
Majra and Ajay Chautala and BJP legislator Anil Vij were up on
their feet raising various issues, but the Speaker called upon
ruling Congress member Sampat Singh to read his Calling
Attention Notice on health and emergency services in the

As the opposition members continued raising their issues,
Parliamentary Affairs Minister Randeep Surjewala rose to say
that two important Calling Attention Notices on health and
emergency services were to be taken up by the house. "The
opposition members are making noise only to get headlines in
the newspapers," he said.

Even as the Speaker called Sampat to read his Calling
Attention Notice, INLD and BJP legislators continued raising
their issues. "You can speak during the discussion on
Governor`s address," Sharma said.

Leader of Opposition Om Parkash Chautala (INLD) said that
though it was for the Speaker to decide on accepting notices
given by the members, but an important issue facing the state
related to deteriorating law and order situation due to which
no one-- including cops, advocates, women and others-- were
safe on which they had given an adjournment motion.

Chautala said that before taking up any issue the house
should take up their Adjournment Motion on the law and order
situation to which the Speaker said "leave this decision to
Since the Speaker did not accept the demand of Chautala
the INLD members led by the Leader of Opposition walked out of
the house.

After the INLD members had walked out BJP member Vij
again raised his issues, but the Speaker did not relent at
which the members of the saffron party and the lone HJC member
Renuka Bishnoi also walked out of the house.