Chickenpox virus stalks Uttar Pradesh

Gorakhpur: The number of chickenpox cases escalated in Uttar Pradesh`s Gorakhpur city.

Patients lamented over the spreading waste in the area and accused the negligence on part of the authorities.

"Earlier I was suffering from fever and slowly abrasions came up on my body. I am suffering from this for the past ten days and it has not been cured. Doctors have come for the check and said that it is due to the spreading filth in the colony," said Gudia, a patient

"All our family members are suffering from chickenpox due to the filth surrounding the colony. The mosquitoes are breeding in the sewage water. Nobody comes to clean the colony. That is why several people are suffering from the disease," said Mohammad Talveer, another patient.

While most cases of chickenpox simply make people feel miserable-with symptoms including itching, blister-like rashes, fever, headache and fatigue-some people do develop potentially serious complications.

They include skin infections, vomiting that lead to dehydration, pneumonia and inflammation of the brain known as encephalitis.