Lighting up blood sugar levels boon for diabetics

London: A device that detects blood sugar levels by simply shining onto the skin could be a boon for diabetics.

The technique, which does away with finger pricks, is being tested at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US.

It works by measuring glucose levels in a fluid found just beneath the skin. A computer programme then instantly calculates glucose in the bloodstream, reports the Daily Mail.

Diabetes develops when the pancreas either stops producing insulin altogether or its output drops sharply.

Type 1 diabetes often begins in childhood, entailing a lifetime of daily blood tests and insulin injections. Type 2 affects mostly older adults and is associated with poor diet and inactivity.

Researchers are working on a desktop-style device to be used by doctors to check patients, but they also hope to condense the technology into a handy gadget that diabetics can carry with them.