Psychologists prove existence of hypnotic state

London: Researchers have come up with strong evidence to show that a genuine hypnotic state exists -- a glazed look often been linked with hypnosis but rarely studied scientifically.

The study by universities of of Skovde (Sweden) and Turku (Finland) and Aalto University School of Science (Finland) focussed on a healthy adult known to respond immediately to hypnotic suggestion.

The subject`s eye movements during hypnotic and waking state were measured with a special eye tracker. When she entered hypnosis, her eyes became glazed and her blinking was significantly reduced, the journal Public Library of Science ONE reports.

Even more importantly, hypnosis induced dramatic reduction in eye movements that are beyond voluntary control in healthy adults, according to a joint statement of Skovde and Turku.

None of control subjects -- who had not been hypnotised -- could mimic these changes in eye movement patterns which underlies that hypnosis does indeed involve an altered mental state associated with cognitive and motor changes far beyond our volitional control.

These findings have major implications for psychology and neurosciences as they confirm the existence of a novel mental state in humans. Hypnosis has had a long and controversial history in psychology, psychiatry and neurology.