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5 reasons why eating Gulkand (rose petal jam) is beneficial for you!

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: Most of us are fond of eating gulkand but are you aware that this mouth freshner has various health benefits too. Gulkand is an ayurvedic preparation made out of selected rose petals and then sugar or jaggery is added to it.

Here are a few more reasons as to how the traditional gulkand is a boon for your health:

-A good reason to eat gulkand is that it provides relief from acidity as it has cooling properties.

-For women who suffer bad menstrual cramps, eating gulkand helps in relieving the pain to a certain extent.

-It is a great blood purifier.

-Gulkand also helps fight fatigue and its antioxidant properties help in rejuvenating the body.

-During summers, even eating a small amount of gulkand can help you fight various heat conditions like sunstroke and nose bleeding.