How Hrithik Roshan got fit for `Krrish 3` (and for life!)

We’ve seen him dance, act, sing in his movies but one thing that remains constant are his good looks, charming personality and definitely his fit physique. But Hrithik too had his low point after a back injury which left him bedridden for months. Now, he is back in the game with an even better looking body (drool!) especially created for his upcoming film Krrish 3. We give you his diet and fitness secrets – all you need to know – in this article.

How it all started

After his back injury, Hrithik was on bed rest for months and gave into his cravings for muffins, cookies and cigarettes quite often. ‘I was smoking three packs a day. I had been smoking for the last two-and-a-half years now; everything was just going the wrong way. I knew that if I didn’t put a stop to it now, it was going to take over my life. That was going to be my downfall.’ After realising that he could not play a superhero with a waist of 91 cm, Hrithik decided to hire Kris Gethin as his fitness trainer. He wanted to inculcate fitness in his lifestyle and not just get in shape for a particular role. He chose not to opt for crash diets either. ‘I’d done that before in my life. I’d gotten into the best shape. [Then] I’d go back to all the wrong ways, eating chocolates and letting myself go. I knew that this wasn’t just getting into shape for a character. This was something I wanted; it had to be a lifestyle change. It had to be something that would last me all my life.’

And thus began his training with Kris’s 12-week Body by Design plan. The results were immediate and dramatic. ‘I look at myself and I am amazed that something like this is possible. It was a twelve-week transformation, but we completed it in ten weeks. ‘I’m just amazed at the possibilities of the human body and how easy it was. There was no sacrifice. Everything just flowed. I was loving my meals. They were nutritious as well as tasty. I don’t think I can go back to ‘normal’ (if I can say ‘normal’) kinds of food again, where it’s just about taste and not about nutrition.’

How Hrithik trained

Hrithik followed the Body by Design plan which consists of three phases. The fundamental phase starts with basics of strength training to prepare your body for the intense training in the coming weeks. It involves isolation, compound and multi-muscle movements to work the muscle to its full capacity and separate development from one muscle to the next, which helps create a toned appearance.

The second or the momentum phase focuses on strength and muscle development to add density to the muscle because the denser the muscle, the more calories are required and burned to maintain it—this is when your body starts to turn into a calorie-burning machine.

The last phase or DTP (Dramatic Transformation Principle) is highly intense and really pushes your limits a notch higher. It is an advanced level – though the exercises are simple, they place a distinct stress on your muscles that will push them to produce previously unimaginable results. And Hrithik is certainly a living proof of this workout plan.

Due to his knee injury and slipped disc, Hrithik did a lot of Cross Fit and functional training along with the DTP plan. After 10 gruelling weeks of hard work and dedication, his body was transformed to what it looks today.

What Hrithik ate

Any fitness regimen is incomplete if one does not eat the right food at the right time and Hrithik made pretty sure he did not make this mistake of not eating right. He hired Marika Johansson as his diet consultant. The very first change he had to make was to have frequent smaller meals rather than three large meals. In order to make sure he ate nutritious food, she came up with unique recipes like protein muffins and healthy meatballs which Hrithik gorged on while filming Krrish 3.

He ate 7-8 meals in a day, each of which consisted of very simple food in the right ratio. His meals had good protein sources (chicken, beef, egg whites, fish and protein shakes) and good carb sources (brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats, whole wheat pasta). He also consumed healthy fats such as omega oils and nuts.

All in all, Hrithik did put in a lot of efforts to get into this shape and the results are wonderful. Now that you know his fitness secrets, you too can follow this path of getting healthy and fit the right way. /Kriti Saraswat