Manipur attack: Indian Army hunts down insurgents along Myanmar border

The India Army on Tuesday engaged two separate groups of militants along the Indo-Myanmar border as part of major counter operations after the Manipur ambush.

Manipur attack: Indian Army hunts down insurgents along Myanmar border

Delhi: Special forces of the Indian Army on Tuesday carried out a surgical strike inside Myanmar, slaying about 15 insurgents of the groups believed to be responsible for the deadly Manipur ambush.

The strike was carried out by commandos on specific intelligence input in coordination with Myanmarese authorities, with the Army saying that "significant casualties" had been inflicted on two militant groups believed to be NSCN(K) and KYKL.

Sources said about 15 insurgents were killed in the assault with no casualties among the soldiers.

However, Major General Randhir Singh, while addressing the press said that the operation was carried out "along the Indo-Myanmar border at two locations.

About the operation Singh said, “This was done at two different locations, along the Nagaland and Manipur border,” and added, “Significant casualties have been inflicted on the militants.”

He revealed that Manipur massacre militants were killed near Myanmar border after specific intelligence was received about the militants.

He also revealed that Myanmar was cooperating with the India Army in their anti-insurgency operations.

“We are in communication with Myanmar authorities and we have traditionally had close relationship with Myanmar Army,” Singh said.

“We look forward to working with them to combat terrorism in future too,” Major General stated, as per ANI.

Noting that the Army had been on "high alert" after Manipur attack, Singh said that in the course of last few days, credible intelligence was received about further attacks that were being planned within Indian territory.

Sitanshu Kar, spokesperson, MoD also tweeted the Army's statement: 

On June 4 Indian Army trucks were attacked with 'Lathod guns' and grenades by suspected terrorists of NSCN (Khaplang) killing 18 Army men and injuring 15 others in Moltung area of Chandel district of Manipur.

The first truck carrying about 5-6 soldiers also had barrels of fuel which exploded taking out the trucks behind it.

The second truck was carrying about 18-19 soldiers while the rest of the about 46 member-strong convoy were in the other trucks.

The bodies of majority of the soldiers were charred completely.

PM Modi gave go ahead for 'hot pursuit' of militants into Myanmar

Meanwhile, Union Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore disclosed today that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given the go ahead to the Indian Army for "hot pursuit" of militants into Myanmar.

"Its become a habit for these militants to strike at the Indian Army or paramilitary forces or citizens of the nation and then cross over into safe havens being confident of the fact that Indian Armed forces will not pursue them," he told a TV channel, as per PTI.

"This message is now very clear for all those who harboured intentions of terror on our country. Unprecedented though, but our PM has taken a very bold step and given a go ahead for hot pursuit into Myanmar," the minister said.

"Therefore, we are confirming that Indian armed forces crossed over into Myanmar and carried out strikes on two of the militant camps, annihilating the entire camps and they have returned back safely," he added.

Asked whether India will extend this strategy to other sectors like the western side, implying Pakistan, the minister said, "its undoubtedly a message to all nations that harbours any terror intentions, be it the west or the specific country where we went in right now. Even if there are groups within a country that harbours terror intentions, we will choose the time and place of hitting them."

NIA visits Manipur ambush scene, seizes shells, IED

On the other hand, a National Investigating Agency team today seized some Lethod gun shells and an unexploded Improvised Explosive Device (IED) from the scene of gruesome killing in Chandel district.

The NIA, which has taken over the case from Manipur police, conducted a thorough search of the area, five days after the attack, official sources said.

They said the IED was defused by explosives experts from the Army.

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