New bridge in J&K to enhance connectivity

The new Beri Pattan bridge,aimed to facilitate military and civilian movement in areas along the LoC was completed by the BRO and inaugurated.

Rajouri: The new Beri Pattan bridge, connecting Nowshera and Rajouri, and aimed to facilitate military and civilian movement in areas along the Line of Control (LoC) was completed by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) and inaugurated on Friday.

BRO Commander P. Satyanarayan said the area had long needed a new bridge since the old one was insufficient to address the needs of the local population.

"This bridge was attacked many times because of its closeness to the border. In the first India-Pakistan war after Independence, the bridge sustained heavy damage, after which it was repaired as best as possible and then used. It was difficult to design a new bridge for this area, especially because the river flows very swiftly through here," he said.

Satyanarayan added that apart from being of convenience to the Army, the bridge would accelerate the pace of development in the region.

"It took a long time to complete the bridge because of the difficulties posed by the region. The speed of development in this region will increase greatly, and the people will be greatly benefited," he said.
Before the construction of the new bridge, locals had to use an old suspension bridge that could only be used by pedestrians and light vehicles. Army vehicles and trucks were forced to travel an extra 50 kilometres to cross the river Tawi that flows through the Valley.