End dynastic politics: Modi tells Jharkhand voters

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday appealed to the Jharkhand electorate to oust dynastic politics and said people in the country are fed up of it.


Ranchi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday appealed to the Jharkhand electorate to oust dynastic politics and said people in the country are fed up of it.

He was speaking at an election rally in Jamshedpur ahead of the second phase of assembly polls Dec 2.

"People in the country are fed up with dynasty politics. In Lok Sabha polls, people ended dynasty politics and now it is the turn of Jharkhand to oust it," Modi said at the Gopal ground rally.

He appealed to the people to vote for a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in the state for development.

"Jharkhand has the potential to provide employment to the youth of the country. Jharkhand has natural resources, but these were plundered by the state. The time has come to give a clear mandate to the BJP to shape the future," he said.

He said a BJP government in the state will utilise central funds well, adding that "under a new policy, Jharkhand will get Rs.20 lakh crores from coal which will be used for the development of the state".

Later at Ranchi, Modi took yet another swipe at the Congress saying the party, which was rejected even for the post of Leader of Opposition in Parliament, is now spreading "lies" among tribals that their land would be snatched away.

"People did not even give (them the post of) Leader of Opposition, and they are in discomfort. Now they want to spread lies that land of the tribals will be snatched away," he said without naming any Congress leader.

During their campaign, Congress leaders have claimed that BJP was trying to amend Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act which protects tribal land.

Modi said tribals have existed in the country and made contributions for thousands of years but questioned whether the erstwhile Congress governments in Delhi knew about it. "But they (Congress governments) indulged in politics in the name of tribals."

It was the AB Vajpayee government which had introduced a ministry for tribal welfare and earmarked budget for their uplift, he said and claimed that Congress could not even think of how the Raman Singh government was working for tribals in Chhatisgarh.

Addressing a meeting in support of BJP and Ajsu party candidates for constituencies in Ranchi district and adjoining areas for the December 9 third phase elections, Modi said there was a favourable atmosphere in the country as people had decided to vote for majority governments.

"Now things have changed. People are not ready for any machinations. So they are voting for majbut sarkar (strong government instead of majboor sarkar (government under compulsion)," he said.

Taking a dig at ruling allies JMM and Congress/RJD parting ways just before the assembly elections in Jharkhand, Modi alleged that they came together to form the government to share the spoils and parted when the time came to face the people.

"So, in a coalition government you (people) can?t seek its accountability. But you can fix accountability to a party in majority," he said.

The Prime Minister rued that women and youth of Jharkhand were migrating to other states to eke out a living and questioned why every village in the coal-rich state lacked electricity.

"The Almighty has given everything to Jharkhand .. Par diya tale andhakar (But there is darkness beneath the lamp).

"I want to change this. The only panacea to all problems in Jharkhand is a majority government," he said apparently referring to unstable governments that ruled the state since it came into being 14 years ago.

Promising that he would work to make the mineral-rich state free of poverty, he said Jharkhand is going through a phase which is akin to 13-18 years phase of a person's life, a phase which is very important. "A proper foundation during these five years will strengthen the state for the next five years."