Superstar Mohanlal wants CM Vijayan to tackle Kerala's 'biggest terror', here is what he said

Malayalam superstar Mohanlal has urged the newly-appointed CM Pinarayi Vijayan to firmly deal with what he thinks is the Kerala's 'biggest terror'.

Superstar Mohanlal wants CM Vijayan to tackle Kerala's 'biggest terror', here is what he said

Kochi: Malayalam superstar Mohanlal has recently raised concerns over what he thinks is Kerala's 'biggest terror' and urged the newly-appointed Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to deal with it firmly. In an open letter to CM Vijayan, the acting genius highlighted the perils faced by the people in this state.

Mohanlal began by stating that he was not writing a 'friendly' letter to CM but as a layman to draw his attention to a host of issues ranging from garbage collection, road accidents to women's safety.

Writing in his blog 'The Complete Actor', the silver screen idol described garbage as Kerala's "greatest terror". "If anyone asks me about a terrorist that Kerala fears the most, I would say garbage. Keralites who dump their garbage out in the open are also only increasing in numbers because they don't have any place to dispose of their garbage," the 56-year-old actor said.

Mohanlal, an actor par excellence, also spoke of road accidents killing "more people than a war" and demanded that rules be made and adhered to in the matter.

Mohanlal's letter has been very well received by politicians across the state and the common man.`While Bollywood icons like Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have drawn backlash on social media for their comments on 'intolerance', people of Kerala have widely approved Mohanlal's appeal to cleanse the 'God's Own Country' of all societal evils.

The CPM, which is leading the ruling LDA coalition, has responded positively. "Mohanlal is a great actor, he has given a suggestion which the Chief minister will respond to positively. There is a lot of hope, this is there in the agenda of the LDF government and try to implement," said CPM lawmaker MB Rajesh.

An avid blogger, Mohanlal, has acted in more than 300 Malayalam movies in last three decades, besides other languages. He is a 4-time national award winner.