EOW chalks out strategy in NSEL issue

The Economic offence wing of Mumbai police has chalked out strategy for NSEL payment scam.

Kumar Kartikey

Mumbai: The Economic offence wing of Mumbai police has chalked out strategy for NSEL payment scam. EOW is going to bet on the some of the former employees of the fraudulent companies. According to Zee Media sources, the witnesses found by EOW are none other than the former employees and ex-directors of the fraudulent companies.

Juggernaut Projects Ltd which was first in the defaulters list released by NSEL, will be a part of witness group. An officer from EOW says, “Such witnesses will make the case stronger”. The biggest shock was, the companies involved in NSEL payment crisis has clerks, peons and even security guards in the senior management. Many of them are holding a profile of a director of the company. In the process of investigation EOW raided the houses and offices of such employees. Also, Registrar of Companies (ROC) has served notices to them.

Two former employees and directors of Juggernaut Projects Ltd assured EOW that they would support the investigation. According to data released by NSEL, Juggernaut Projects Ltd owes Rs 236 crore to NSEL, which is one of the major defaulter. “EOW will soon appoint a forensic auditor since the matter is very complicate. Authenticity of the transactions need to be verified” says an EOW officer.

EOW source also said that “they have sent a proposal to the Maharashtra Government for the approval of auditor firm for forensic audit”. EOW is expected to get approval by the end of this week. Sources say that due to the criticality of the matter, EOW want to keep a forensic auditor for a long time, rather than filing one time bound report.

EOW will continue interrogating Jignesh Shah, Chairman and CEO of Financial Technologies India (FTIL), Joseph Massey, Managing Director and CEO of MCX stock exchange and Shreekant Javalgekar, Managing Director and CEO, MCX as and when required. People who are summoned by EOW will have to present in EOW office whenever needed. EOW will have to accelerate the process since, since BHC, Bombay High Court has asked EOW and FMC to submit an affidavit in court, about the investigations done and actions they have taken so far.

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