Resolution of Kashmir tangle possible: Pervez Musharraf

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has said a solution to the Kashmir problem was possible.

Mumbai: Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has said a solution to the Kashmir problem was possible with both the government and military of his country favouring it and deprecated "aspersions" cast on the army for blocking such a move.

The former General, who lives in self-imposed exile in England, also said Pakistan`s nuclear assets were in safe hands and that there was no "finger-on-the-button" situation between Islamabad and New Delhi as nuclear assets were "not mated with the delivery systems".

"Yes, I do believe it (solution to Kashmir) is possible. There have been aspersions cast on the military that it does not want a solution but this is absolutely baseless.

"Everyone including the Mujahedeen want a solution but the solutions differ, the nuances differ. But I would say that any Government of Pakistan and the military would like to have a solution," Musharraf, who was President between 2001 and 2008, said.

Musharraf expressed these views on the TV show "The Outsider" hosted by Tim Sebastian. The show, also featuring senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh, will be telecast on Bloomberg channel at 8 pm on November 10.

To a query on both countries being nuclear powers and apprehensions that they could use nuclear weapons against each other, Musharraf, said, "I would not like the audience or you to go with the idea that the situation on the nuclear issue between India and Pakistan is the same as (was between) the NATO (and) Warsaw Pact (nations), between the USA and the Soviet Union, where it was a finger-on-the-button situation.

"There is no finger-on-the-button here because the nuclear assets are not mated with the delivery systems and therefore it is safe. Pakistan`s nuclear assets are absolutely safe and I know the military will guarantee their safety," he said.

"No foreigner was ever allowed to interfere with our nuclear or missile capability. We have ensured that no one can steal our nuclear weapons," he said.