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Shiv Sena mocks Amit Shah on 'Sholay' posters, BJP warns of `fitting reply`

The Shiv Sena cadres set afire the effigy of BJP's city unit chief Ashish Shelar in South Mumbai, highlighting the strains between the two allies.

Shiv Sena mocks Amit Shah on 'Sholay' posters, BJP warns of `fitting reply`

Mumbai: Ramping up the confrontation with the Bharatiya Janata Party, Shiv Sena has put up posters depicting BJP president Amit Shah and party chief spokesperson Madhav Bhandari dressed in attires of characters from Bollywood movie "Sholay".

This is in response to Bhandari's article in BJP publication "Manogat" in which he dared compared Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray with comedy actor Asrani's famous character as a jailor in "Sholay".

Besides, the Shiv Sena cadres set afire the effigy of the party's city unit chief Ashish Shelar in South Mumbai, highlighting the strains between the two allies.


The effigy of Shelar was put on fire, days after he gave a veiled warning to Sena to keep away from burning effigies of BJP leaders.

Taking a stern view, BJP warned its belligerent ally of giving a "fitting reply" if Shiv Sena leadership fails to rein in its cadres.

State BJP secretary and MLC Sujit Singh Thakur said, "BJP remained calm for past few days even after repetitive provocation from Shiv Sena workers. If anyone is taking it otherwise, they should understand it clearly that the BJP is strong enough to give a fitting reply".


Taking a strong objection to burning of an effigy of Shelar, Thakur said, "We too can resort to burning effigies or burning newspapers. But, we have kept quiet keeping in mind the larger good. But, no one should test our tolerance. If Sena leaders don't control their workers, they would be entirely responsible for any reaction arising from BJP workers".

He stated that BJP would henceforth not tolerate any derogatory remarks aimed at its national leaders.


Some BJP leaders had recently called for burning of copies of Sena mouthpiece "Saamana" for pouring vitriol on BJP every other day. However, Sena in an editorial condemned the BJP leaders' statement, saying that all those who want the daily to be burned were attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ideology.

(With PTI inputs)