India blessed with democracy, demographic dividend and demand: PM Modi at MSG

PIO card holders will be given permanent Indian visas: PM Modi

India blessed with democracy, demographic dividend and demand: PM Modi at MSG

• PM concludes his speech with chants of 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'.

• And I will create the India of your dreams: PM Modi 

• I will repay the debt of the support you have invested in me: PM

• Electronic travel authorisation and Visa-on-arrival will be introduced for American tourists: PM

• There will be no need to report to a police station every 6 months: PM Modi

• In some time we will merge PIO and OCI schemes and make it one: PM 

•  A new scheme will be in place soon: PM

• PIO card holders will be given permanent Indian visas: PM Modi

• I have a dream that every Indian should own a house when India turns 75: PM

• In 2019, when we celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, let's gift him everything he loved: Modi

• Gandhi ji never compromised on cleanliness, shouldn't we clean the nation for him: PM

• Mahatma Gandhi helped us gain freedom, what have we given him, asks PM Modi

• I invite you (NRIs) to participate in Clean Ganga Mission: PM

• I have been elected to perform difficult tasks like cleaning up Ganga: PM Modi

• Because I am from a small house and a small family, I have big dreams: PM Modi 

• I'm a small man, and I take great pleasure in working for the common man: PM

*The 'tea-seller remark' draws a standing ovation from the Indian dispora*

• People ask me to spell out to them my 'bigger vision. I tell them I've reached here after selling tea: PM Modi

• I've decided to build toilets. People think it's a small menial job: PM

• I'm getting rid of all outdated, unnecessary laws in the country: PM Modi

• Previous governments used to boast of bringing this law and that law. But I did away with all the needless laws: PM Modi

• Request everyone to look at Please visit the Website and see how you can get involved: PM Modi

• "​I heard that government officers have begun reaching office on time. It was in news. But is that any news? Isn't it a responsibility?"

• We have given importance to skill development. We created a separate Ministry for it: PM Modi

• If you want human resources and low cost production, then India is your destination: PM

•  I invite everyone to participate in 'Make In India: PM 

• "We landed on Mars two days after the US," says Modi and draws loud applause.

•  But we spent only Rs 7/km to reach Mars — that is less than fare of an auto-rickshaw in Ahmedabad. That is talent of India: PM

• We have travelled 650 million kms to reach Mars: PM Modi 

• We have the talent to become the supplier of manpower to the world: Modi

• Today world has demand for teachers, nurses etc. Indian youth can meet all these demands if their skill is developed: PM Modi

• I want incite the emotion that whatever we do we do for the nation, that the nation shouldn't be caused pain: PM Modi

​• Rs 1,500 crore have been deposited in banks so far under the 'Jan Dhan' scheme: PM

• We want to make development a mass movement: PM

• He directed each person according to their abilities: PM Modi 

•  Mahatma Gandhi turned the freedom struggle into a mass movement: PM 

• I might live miles away from you, But I do understand your issues: PM Modi to NRIs

•  If the nation has to progress then good governance is essential: PM 

•  Unfortunately until now responsibility of development in our nation was with the government, now we share that with the people: PM

• USA is the oldest democracy in the world and India the largest. We must work together: PM

•  People from all over come to America, Indians are everywhere in the world: PM

• America is oldest democracy of world, India is biggest democracy: PM

• Demand is India's third biggest strength. Demand for success will power India to greater heights: PM 

• Demographic dividence and youth is India's second strength: PM Modi

•  Through democracy people fulfill their dreams: PM Modi

• India has three things to make it the most powerful nation in the world —  democracy, demographic dividend and demand: PM

• One of the things that India can be proud of is our democracy, through democracy people fulfil their dreams: PM Modi

• When 1.25 crore people have given their blessings, It's the blessing of God: PM Modi 

• With 65% of its population under 35 years, India is a youthful nation with a very old culture: PM Modi

• We are a youthful nation with a very old culture, says PM

•  India has the potential to keep up pace with progress in the world: PM

•  India has that capability and possibilities to make 21st Century, India's Century: PM

• Some say that the 21st century belongs to India: PM Modi

​• The world is convinced that the 21st century is Asia's century: PM Modi

• We will be successful is fulfilling the aspirations of the people: PM 

• I want to assure you that the government you have elected for economic growth and upgradation of quality of life, will not disappoint you: PM Modi

• There is an atmosphere of hope and enthusiasm. India wants change: PM Modi

• Ever since I started this job, haven't taken a vacation even for 15 minutes: PM

• Winning elections is not about any post or chair. It is a responsibility: PM Modi  

•  Indians wanted change, that's why they voted for a change in governance: PM

• It was after 30 long years that a party formed government with absolute majority: PM

• Political pundits, opinion makers did not foresee Lok Sabha Election results: PM

• I'm here today to personally thank you for your contribution in my victory: PM Modi 

• A lot of you came during the campaign. I couldn't thank you then but I thank you today: PM Modi

• You may not have voted in 2014 but am sure when results were coming, you didn't sleep and celebrated: PM Modi

• You all have earned respect in America through your behaviour, culture and abilities: PM

• You have changed the perceptions: PM Modi

• We don't charm snakes, we play with the 'mouse' now: PM Modi

• India is no more the country of snake-charmers: PM Modi

• ​Navarati is a festival of self-purification and worship of shakti: PM Modi

• PM conveys Navratri greetings to everyone.

• PM Modi welcomes American politicians, NRIs and Indians present at the Madison Square Garden.

• PM Modi begins with 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'.

• Kavita Krishnamurthy sings the national anthem.

• PM Modi arrives on stage to chants of "Modi, Modi."

• US senators are called on stage as crowd chants "USA, USA" and "Modi, Modi".

• PM Narendra Modi has arrived at Madison Square Garden.

• Visitors to Madison Square Garden make their way through the building to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak.

•  As the nation awaits PM's speech, the hashtag - #ModiAtMadison - is the top trending topic on Twitter!

•  The duo perform a fusion version of the bhajan - "Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye".

• Renowned singer Kavita Krishnamurthy and her husband violinist Dr L Subramaniam perform on stage.

• Cultural programs have begun inside the Madison Square Garden as NRIs and American guests await the arrival of PM Narendra Modi.

Crowds began gathering from early Sunday at New York's legendary Madison Square Garden for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address.

A packed crowd of 20,000 people is expected to be present at the "MSG" as the tickets for the public reception flew off the shelves before the event.

Heavy security arrangements have been made and airport grade security has been put in place.

It is said to be one of the largest public addresses by an Indian PM overseas.

Informing of the event, Bharat Barai - president of the Indian-American Community Foundation and chief organiser of the Madison Square Garden show, said, “Around 50 Congressmen and senators are also expected to attend the address. They will also hold a private meeting with Modi later.”

"People will start arriving early morning because we have to move around 18,000 people through security and it will be airport grade security, because there are also going to be 40-50 Congressmen and senators,” Barai added.

The public reception was hosted by Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri and a popular Indian-origin news anchor Hari Sreenivasan.

• Before his MSG event, Modi met leaders of the Jewish community.

"India has a centuries old tradition of Jewish people living in peace & harmony," he told them.

• PM Modi also met Indian-American South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Modi addressed the UN General Assembly on Saturday, and met a 29-member delegation of Sikh community from US and Canada.

Madison Square Garden — one of the most expensive venue in New York — holds the distinction of hosting American legends Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga among others.