Army puts requirements before Parliament panel

Army on Wednesday highlighted before a Parliamentary Committee its requirements.

New Delhi: Army on Wednesday highlighted before a
Parliamentary Committee its requirements but these did not
reflect the "deficiencies" flagged earlier by its Chief Gen VK Singh which was pointed out by the MPs.

Army Vice Chief Lt Gen S K Singh was questioned by MPs as
to why his presentation to the Standing Committee on Defence
did not contain those elements highlighted by Gen Singh in his
letter to the Prime Minister.

The MPs said his presentation was not in consonance with
the issues raised by Gen Singh before the Prime Minister and
asked Lt Gen S K Singh to highlight the shortcomings in
procurements possibly on the 9th of this month.

The Vice Chief also agreed to this suggestion, sources

When certain members of the Committee raised the issue of
leakage of the top secret letter, both Lt Gen S K Singh and
Defence Secretary Shashikant Sharma pointed out that writing a
letter to the Prime Minister was routine but its leakage was a
serious issue, they said.

They said the armed forces were well prepared and the
Government was in the process of getting latest and most
modern equipment for them in the next two years.

The Army Chief had written a letter to the Prime Minister
on March 12 pointing out the poor state of preparedness of
armed forces.

In the leaked letter, the Army Chief had said that the
tank regiments were short of ammunition and there was 97 per
cent obsolescence in the Air Defence systems.

The Defence Ministry has also held several meetings to
discuss the capital acquisitions and the reasons behind delays
in procurements.